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The Truth about Worcester Computer Diagnostics They Don’t Want You Do Know…

Once, fixing a car involved completely taking it apart, studying everything and putting it back to together again. It was time consuming, had a high rate of error, and was definitely not for the novice. Then computers came out in cars and everything changed. Instead of taking a car apart, you can use computer diagnostics to start understanding what is wrong. However, repairing a car is not for novices, and there seems to be many misunderstandings about what a computer diagnostic really is.

The Truth About Home Kits And Free Diagnostics

From the outside, computer diagnostics looks easy. Simply attach a special cord to a special place in the car, use special software and you have a diagnosis. Because of how easy this looks, there are tons of apps and home kits that claim to know what’s wrong with your car. Chain mechanics even give out free diagnoses. But are any of these diagnoses any good? The answer to that lies in knowing how a computer diagnostic actually works.

When your car is hooked up to any kind of trouble shooting software, it returns a number, known as the trouble code. This code tells you there’s a problem with a certain part of the car. However, while it knows what’s wrong with the car, it doesn’t know why this is wrong with the car. Knowing the ‘why’ is often the difference between a $100 repair and $2,000 repair

That’s where a good mechanic comes in.

Computer_Diagnostics_011How The Right Mechanic Can Help You

The right mechanic can help you save money and get you back on the road faster by fixing what’s really wrong with your car, instead of just what the computer thinks is wrong. For example, the computer will know that there’s a buildup of gas in the transmission. So it will say that the transmission is bad. Replacing a transmission is often a very time consuming process that can cost you thousands. However, a good mechanic will realize that the gas buildup could be caused by something as small as a faulty gasket. If all the mechanic has to do is replace a gasket, then it will it would cost far less in both time and money.

Finding The Right Mechanic

Finding the right Worcester mechanic is no easy task. It’s usually a combination of referrals and research. Where you won’t a great mechanic is inside many chain garages. This is particularly true if you’re talking about a chain garage that offers so-called free diagnostics. Because they pay their mechanics so little, they usually attract inexperienced ones who simply fix what the computer tells them to fix. They lack the experience to know if the problem is really a transmission or just a gasket. Instead, it’s better to go with a local garage, recommended to you by friends or research.

Fixing a car is much more precise than it used to be. However, it hasn’t gotten any easier, even with the invention of computer diagnostics. Though computers are great for telling you what’s wrong with a car, only an experienced mechanic can tell you why.

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